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Mutant Massacre Reading Order Mutant Massacre The Marauders attack the underground mutant community and kill hundreds of Morlocks before the X-Men and X-Factor teams arrive separately and fight them avoiding the total slaughter of the Morlocks. Inferno by Claremont Chris ISBN.

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Not really an Inferno Prologue per se.

X men inferno reading order. The Hidden Years 12. Uncanny X-Men 240 Uncanny X-Men 241. X-Terminators 1 1988 X-Terminators 2 X-Terminators 3.

Limbos demon lords corrupt two of the X-Mens nearest and dearest Colossus sister Illyana Rasputin and Cyclops wife Madelyne Pryor and use them to bring a horde of demons raining down on New York City. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Inferno December 1988 – August 2010.

Inferno was a line-wide crossover so the effects were seen in any other Marvel title of the time too. The Hidden Years 13. Madelyne Pryor wife of Scott Summers the X-Man called Cyclops.

The flame is fanned as Sinisters agents the Marauders attack Madelynes protectors in the X-Men. The demon-sorcerer Nastirh not only wished to rule Limbo but Earth as well. The Hidden Years 11.

X-Factor 1986 27-32 and Annual 3 Uncanny X-Men 1981 228-238 New Mutants 1983 62-70 and Annual 4 X-Men Annual 1970 12 and material from Marvel Age Annual 4 and Marvel Fanfare 1982 40. The Hidden Years 9. The Hidden Years 6.

X-Men v2 188-204 X-Men Legacy 208-216 X-Men Original Sin crossover not related to Original Sin 2014 X-Men Legacy 219-225 238-248 Age of X crossover and X-Men. The Hidden Years 10. Inferno Essential X-Men Vol.

If you opt for the first youll want to start with X-Men. Inferno 01 by Claremont Chris Simonson Louise ISBN. This will act as a primer for many of the titles listed below.

If youre not reading Inhumans Vs X-Men or overly familiar with Marvels Merry Mutants then this comic should introduce you to the characters and the current statusquo. As well as with the characters of the original five X-men. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

Welcome to the Inferno Reading Order. 9780785102229 from Amazons Book Store. The Hidden Years 7.

Collects Uncanny X-Men 239-243 X-Factor 33-40 X-Terminators 1-4 New Mutants 71-73 and X-Factor Annual 4. 1996 – September 2010. Sinisters Marauders attack the X-Men while a horde of Nastirhs demons prey upon the.

The main plot is in New Mutants 1st series 71-73 X-Factor 1st series 36-39 and Uncanny X-Men 240-243 but X-Terminators 1-4 and Excalibur 6-7 are also closely connected. The match is struck as the enigmatic geneticist Mr. Fatal Attractions Reading Order Fatal Attractions When Magneto and his Acolytes return a new confrontation with the X-Men begins with Professor Xavier tempted to cross a moral line to stop them.

The Hidden Years 8. 9780785137771 from Amazons Book Store. The world outside your window became infested with a demonic takeover literalizing Hell on Earth and arguably the first and largest all-hands-on-deck Marvel Comics invasion in what has now become an event staple from Secret Invasion to Empyre to King in.

Read in this order. Inferno X-Terminators 1 4 Uncanny X-Men 239 243 X-Factor 35 39 and New Mutants 71 73 X-Tinction Agenda Uncanny X-Men 235 238 and 270 272 New Mutants 95 97 and X-Factor 60 62. Inferno Reading Order In late 1988 and 1989 Marvels X-Men line built to a decade in the making universe-wide crossover event Inferno.

His issues crossover with most of the X-Men events of the time but for the most part its easy to follow. The Hidden Years 5. This reading order contains all the necessary comic book issues to enjoy the Inferno event.

It will pick up the pieces of Inhumans Vs X-Men and transition readers to this new era of X-Men comics. Sinister and the demon-lord Nastirh set their respective master plans in motion – both centered around one woman. He conceived of a plot to kidnap 13 human babies in order to sacrifice them in a ritual known as Inferno.

8 Marvel Essentials Cable takes the New Mutants Under His Leadership. Inferno Prologue which collects. As previously the X-Factor bits are the best because the talent there is the best with the Simonsons Mr.

More like a collection of issue betwixt events. 5 to 7 years ago published 1990 Cable a man eventually revealed to be from the future with a mission to kill the future ruler Apocalypse takes the New Mutants under their wing after Magneto defects. Inferno Strike the matchfan the flamesand light the Inferno.

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