What If Thor Was Herald Of Galactus

Through Galactus he has been imbued with the Power Cosmic an energy source that grants both the Herald and Galactus himself a seemingly infinite amount of strength. In the tradition of epic mythology we peer into a universe where the unthinkable has happened.

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And significantly more powerful.

What if thor was herald of galactus. He has held his own against a Multiverse-devouring abstract entity can shatter continents without even trying and stomp herald-level. Thor the god of thunder just became arguably the most powerful hero imbued with Galactuss power cosmic. Firelord proved a dedicated servant of Galactus.

After the end of that conflict Pyreus asked if he might have his freedom. Thor and the heralds plan to revive Galactus and send him on a quest to absorb the unique energy of certain planets Silver Surfer has made. How can Earth survive with such a powerful harbinger of doom at its doorstep.

THOR has been transformed into the Herald of GALACTUS. MARVEL COMICS – WHAT IF THOR WAS THE HERALD OF GALACTUS ONE-SHOT FROM 2006 BY ROBERT KIRKMAN ANS MICHAEL AVON OEMING. Thor is arguably at the peak of his godly strength right now having first ascended to become the new Allfather of Asgard and then being infused with the Power Cosmic by Galactus.

Surprisingly Galactus transforms Thor into his Herald of Thunder a title and power Thor didnt necessarily ask for. When he first traveled to Earth it was to see if Thor would agree to help his master deal with Ego. Synopsis for What If Thor Was the Herald of Galactus Synopsis not yet written.

Donny Cates new run looks very promising -. As the Herald of Thunder Thor is one of the most powerful beings in Earth-616 having both the power of a skyfather and a herald of Galactus. How will his role in destroying countless wo.

Galactus easily agreed if they could find a replacement as Herald. By himself Rune King Thor is already far more powerful than Galactus. Thor then goes further using the energies stored within Galactus body making sure that they werent for nothing to destroy the Black Winter by.

On this episode of Thor Talk we look at a Marvel What If story in which Thor becomes the herald of Galactus. According to Galactus the Great Black Winter has revealed that Thor is destined to be his death. Last edited by pikahyper on 081618 0258PM.

This brings events to Thor 2 where Thor and and Galactus arrive to the first world on the list. Hell probably just be a more Super Saiyan more badass versionof Rune King Thor. As a result operating under the principle of keep your friends close and your enemies closer Galactus appoints Thor Odinson as his new Herald transforming him with the Power Cosmic.

If Rune King Thor gains the Power Cosmic it wouldnt be much of a difference. Thor Herald of Galactus The Silver Surfer is the most well known Herald of Galactus though there have been many who have worn that mantle over the years. The Power Cosmic would not make much of a difference apart of boosting his abilities a bit more along with his Rune Magic amplifying all his.

While Galactus is prepared to get things rolling and consume the world Thor prevents him as the world of Clypse is. What If Thor was the Herald of Galactus. Thor agrees to assist Galactus in finding and consuming the worlds.

He is the newest herald of Galactus. Not only does Thor kill Galactus with the cosmic power that Galactus himself gave the God of Thunder but he also combines it with his own power of the King of Asgard absolutely obliterating the cosmic destroyer making Thor the Herald of None. Come Join The Discord.

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