Super Villain Team Up 10

Captain America the Shroud This comic book is old. Super-Villain Team-Up 10 1977 Seller Information.

Super Villain Team Up 17 June 1980 Keith Pollard Bruce Patterson C A Comic Book Villains Marvel Comics Covers Comics

2 October 1975 Addreplace cover.

Super villain team up 10. Doom The Red Skull and a poor manipulated Submariner Those Blasted Heroes. We begin with Captain America being welcomed at the Latverian embassy in New York. Quality High Low Hide Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 Issue 6 Issue 7 Issue 8 Issue 9 Issue 10 Issue 11 Issue 12 Issue 13 Issue 14 Issue 15 Issue 16 Issue 17 Next Prev.

Bill Mantlo – Writer Bob Hall – Penciler Don Perlin – Inker. Heres another comic that I got in trade with. Super-Villain Team-Up 1975 10.

The Lord of Latveria and Atlantis Avenging Son forge the Marvel Universes most volatile alliance. Super-Villain Team-Up 10-12. Tom Brevoort Brevoort History of Comics December 20 2020.

February 10 1977 Cover Price 030 Editing Archie Goodwin Script Bill Mantlo Pencils Gil Kane Bob Hall Inks Ernie Chan Don Perlin Colors Don Warfield Letters Gaspar Saladino Issue Notes Cover art credits confirmed in the letters page to Super-Villain Team-Up 12. But when the Sub-Mariner regrets his decision he finds its not that easy to walk away from a pact with Doom. Sal Buscema George Evans Keith Giffen Bob Hall Carmine Infantino Arvell Jones Jim Shooter Herb Trimpe George Tuska.

SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP 10 1977 by Bill Mantlo Bob Hall Cover by Gil Kane. Instead this time Doctor Doom teams up with Captain America against another villain. I picked it up at a flea market for 75 cents.

Enter the Red Skull. Not bad for a 26 year old piece of paper. 910 On the Marvel scale.

The sign of the Skull. My ally my enemy Credits. More details at Marvel Database.

3 December 1975. It was created as was SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS over at DC to establish and protect Marvels joint trademark on the term super-villains as there was a bit of a challenge to it from of all places Superhero Enterprises the firm that. But as things stand I cant in good conscience give this one a positive score.

The storytelling is very over the top almost to the point of parody. Can anything get him out of this torturous. Super-Villain Team-Up 10 Super-Villain Team-Up 11 Super-Villain Team-Up 12 Cover Date.

So there you go. While Atlantis sleeps Ch3. A click on the cover leads to the large cover view a click on the issue number to the issue data.

John Buscema Mike Sekowsky. Super-Villain Team-Up Issue 10 – Read Super-Villain Team-Up Issue 10 comic online in high quality. 1 August 1975 Addreplace cover.

If a title is Super-Villain Team-Up you might expect supervillains to team up between themselves. Bill Mantlo writer Bob Hall pencils Don Perlin inks Don Warfield colors Gaspar Saladino Karen Mantlo and Irv Watanabe letters. Super-Villain Team-Up – Issue 1 Page 1 Updated at.

Super-Villain Team-Up vol. If it wasnt for THAT scene it would be a 210 because the events of this story kick off the plot of the next 45 issues and a crossover with the Avengers. Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 10.

1 10 February 1977. Captain America follows a. SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP was one of those series that nobody seems to have much wanted to work on.

Index Status Cover Scan Status 30 covers for 17 issues available. Complete Super Villain Team Up. Marvel 1975 Series 1.

Well older than me anyway.

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