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Youre a Fool Kylo Ren X Reader Summary. He seemed nice enough although he got on your nerves whenever he tried.

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Fanfiction Romance Human Star Wars X Reader Kylo Ren You are an on-battle medic for the Resistance.

Kylo ren reader. Can I make a request where the reader was abused by their father because of them being a force userThey still have nightmares about him and wake up in a panic with Kylo trying to comfort and cheer the reader up. But when your life is to go the notorious Kylo Ren and you duty-bound family is made of an example of thats where you start to see colours. And your life is to the man you are to marry.

Kylo Ren is my disaster baby. I follow from shyawaytyler. The elevator is steadily climbing up through the ship.

The Reader and Kylo literally hate each other. Star Wars But Mostly kylo ren Imagines Lemons Requests Closed Fanfiction. All we have to do is talk to an info broker for information about the resistance the.

He was dangerous and he was not to be provokedsomething you had not wanted to believe General Hux when he first told you. How utterly unruly is it to lust after your ultimate superior. Your years of training and preparation have served you well until you are met face-to-face with the infamous Kylo Ren leader of the First Order.

Hurt This was an easy mission for The first order apparently. You failed to listen to all the details when told by Kylo but you did know that you were on a planet to get a person for questioning and you were to stay on the ship while Kylo and. He Gets Jealous So uh what kinds of things can you do with that lightsaber the new repair technician asked with a smile.

Kylo Ren x Child Reader. Kylo Ren X Reader Your duty is to your family. I groaned quietly and looked up to see who woke me up and surprisingly it wasnt Kylo Ren but General Hux.

Mild cursing in this one. Whats wrong with you You send a sideways look over to Hux. Trigger Warnings-blood-violence-gore-torture-smut-nsfw-dub-con-choking – domKylosub.

Requests are currently CLOSED. Kylo Ren was an emotionally unstable mess with powers beyond our comprehension. Another fact among so many.

INCLUDES BUT NOT LIMITED TO Kylo Ren Han Solo Boba Fett Anakin Skywalker Obi Wan Kenobi Luke Skywalker Rey Poe Dameron Armitage Hux AND MORE. A wonderful anon requested Can u pls do a Kylo Ren x Reader where the reader is rly rly stubborn and in that stubbornness gets injured. You two always talked about anything if you had to pick General Hux was a great friend.

Turns out its not as unfortunate as. 18I will not take criticism. You had to admit Kylo was being weird around you especially after that incident with General Hux.

Read Family Kylo Ren x Reader from the story Star Wars Imagines by fandomsloveimagines FandomsLoveImagines with 10992 reads. But it would be like willingly jumping off a cliff. Kylo ren x sickreader.

I questioned my sanity while writing this book. Kylo and Reader are both whores. Coralsricktatorship requested a Kylo Ren X Reader imagine where they have a 3-5 year old daughter and Kylo leaves his lightsaber somewhere and their daughter finds it and Kylo freaks out because Reader isnt around.

Im Bad At Tagging. You didnt really have long to think about it because you had training in ten mins. Kylo Ren was your forbidden fruit the temptation overwhelming.

Kylo Ren Reader 436 Kylo RenOriginal Female Characters 297 Ben SoloYou 287 Armitage HuxReader 214 Matt the Radar TechnicianReader 104 Include Additional Tags Smut 656 Fluff 471 Angst 437 Dominant Kylo Ren 434 Reader-Insert 374 Slow Burn 361 Kylo Ren Has Issues 327 Oral Sex 306 Eventual Smut 288 Inappropriate. And its just super cute and fluffy. Oh you know it is love when Kylo Ren starts talking like an assassin.

Supreme Father Kylo Ren X Reader Summary. You learnt that a long time ago. Reader – sexual situations-language-mentions of abusetraumatic childhood-mature themes-substance abuse-major character deaths story was originally and is still posted to Wattpad.

Traitor Kylo Ren X Reader req New Reading List. Starburst Kylo Ren x ApprenticeReader. Yet here you were now meeting at night when only a few cleaning droids roamed the hallways to train together talk and fuck.

But as usual General Hux picked you up and lead you to the training room. In the Mess Hall a new recruit named Damien joined the regiment and gained a friendship with you. So was Capitan Phasma but no one could ever repl.

A hand was place onto my shoulder to wake me up from my little nap i decided to take. Exhilarating and breathtaking until your body inevitably crashed and broke against the rocks. Lonely kylo ren x reader a.

Hux I began Wheres Kylo I asked. Due to the recent purchase of the app which could result. Scars- Kylo Ren x Reader.

We were sent on an ordinarymission. Kylo Ren X Reader. You wanted so badly to lose yourself in him give yourself mind body and soul wholly and completely to him.

I swear there are rare happy moments.

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